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How do you make glitter leather?

Comment fait-on du cuir à paillettes ?

There is no such thing as glitter sheep! But then how are metallic leathers made?

Most of our metallic leathers are created exclusively for our collections.

We'll explain how we do it!

  • First, we select the leather as a support and choose the background color that the tannery chemist will reproduce on the hides.

  • We experiment by mixing patterned papers, film and leather colors to create a unique effect. For Dream leather, we apply a pattern of small champagne-colored sequins to suede (thick, plush cowhide). For metallic leathers Gold, Silver, Rio, Bahamas, Brazil, etc., we overlay a slightly crinkled effect with a full film color (where the leather color is no longer visible, although it influences the brightness of the skin ).

Caring for your metallic leather bags

The metallized film tends to protect the leather, so for maintenance, there is nothing special to do. You can always protect it with a waterproofing spray.
Metallics always end up wearing off due to friction, mainly in the corners and at the back of the model. This is part of the charm of leather, which patina and tells your story.
Given the process for applying the film, it is not possible to "re-glitter" an item. A partial metallic effect, that is to say with a pattern like Dream or Window, will age more discreetly than a total film, because you can already see the background color.

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