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The Chalk Alphabet from A to F

L'Alphabet Craie de A à F


We are Camille Levai and Sébastien Germès. We are Artists in Love. We place know-how and creativity at the heart of our work. Ecological commitment and modularity are the foundations of our collections. Freedom is our watchword.

    B for ORGANIC

    Our fabrics are made from 100% organic cotton, GOTS and OEKO TEX certified, which guarantees a textile without health risks. We develop each color exclusively for Craie.
    Our fabrics are dyed with dyes of Swiss origin, labeled OEKO TEX and use LESS WATER technology which allows a 50% water saving

    C for SLIPPERS

    Taking care of the planet and little feet is our goal through our Artistes Amoureux slipper collections. We strive to implement responsible industrial behavior by favoring short circuits and natural materials.

    D like DOUM

    Our baskets are hand-woven in the Fez region of Morocco.
    In natural undyed Doum palm fiber, each fiber has a different color, more or less beige, gray or slightly green, which gives relief to the bags.
    The fiber will patina in the light to become lighter. All the charm of these baskets comes from the manual weaving, the irregularity of which makes each piece unique.


    To offer you ever more original models, we develop our collections from A to Z: from raw materials to manufacturing, including photos of the bags!

    Each season a new blank page opens.

    We develop original leathers in partnership with tanneries in France, Italy, Spain and Morocco. We work with dyers to create a library of unique colors for our canvases.

    We design, develop and manufacture the models in our workshop in Casablanca. The bags are then checked one by one, packaged and sent to France


    Today we are proud to have our own workshop in Casablanca, Morocco, where we produce sustainably for the planet
    We employ around thirty people with respect for people. We strive to put ethics into our production, we know each worker personally, some have been with us for ten years.
    We are committed locally to helping them on a daily basis (micro credit, flexible working hours, health assistance, etc.)