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Visit to the Artists in Love

Visite chez les Artistes Amoureux

Milk magazine came to Casablanca to meet Camille and Sébastien, the creators of Craie. The complete tour of the workshop and their Moroccan apartment can be discovered on

" With Easy Peasy, their brand of eco-friendly baby slippers, Camille and Sébastien have made a name for themselves. Vegetable tanning, water-based glue, effective design and organic cotton packaging. Already in 2008, the duo shone with their lead. However, zero calculations for this couple of Toulouse origin, far from commercial constraints and disproportionate sales objectives."

“For them, success is measured by the proximity of the teams and the degree of creativity”

"The duo changed workshops several times before unearthing the rare gem on a human scale: 300 square meters occupied by around thirty production experts (each manufacturing step is carried out by hand), and upstairs, the experimentation room, where the couple brings their many ideas to life."