Our eco-designed sandals

Nos sandales éco-conçues

Ecological commitment is at the heart of our work.
Our sandals are handcrafted using raw and natural raw materials.
We manufacture quality products vertically, in our own workshop in Casablanca.

Towards a more virtuous fashion.

We are proud to present our new line of eco-designed sandals . For more than a year, we have been working on the design of artisanal sandals, made only from natural, raw and certified raw materials : vegetable leather, recycled cellulose, cork and natural crepe.

In constant search for improvement and with 8 years of experience in the world of footwear, moving towards innovative manufacturing, far from the standards of the shoe industry, was obvious. We wanted to think about the product differently in accordance with our convictions, to get closer to our ideal of production and consumption.

Using quality materials that are as natural as possible without forgetting comfort or aesthetics was our challenge. It's done, in particular thanks to our range of varied leathers, classic or metallic, all from vegetable tanning. Our desire is to limit our impact on the planet and to offer a new consumption choice for our customers, with more traceability.

The change towards more virtuous fashion starts at your feet.

Fewer materials, more transparency and traceability.

The upper of our sandals is made of real leather from the food industry, it is the first recycled material. We use vegetable-tanned or biodegradable leathers, free of chrome and heavy metals. To limit our carbon footprint as much as possible, we work in a short circuit with tanneries in Morocco.

The "Ecosole" insole is made in Italy by Texon, world leader in shoe supplies. It is made from 100% recycled cellulose , undyed.

We replaced the polyurethane comfort foams with cork . An exceptional material, cork has a negative carbon footprint because it stores CO 2 . The bark of cork oaks is harvested every 7 years in the forests of Portugal, this barking operation contributes to the good health of the tree which is never cut or damaged. Lightweight, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, our cork comes from Amorim, founded in 1870.

The sole is made of crepe : it is a 100% natural rubber made from rubber tree milk from the Ilga company based in Italy near Milan, since 1953. The latex is harvested by making cuts in the bark of the rubber tree. which flows slowly. The latex is then filtered by hand, then curdled like cheese, and compressed to extract the water and form sticky plates. We use a natural crepe made entirely of latex, without colorings or additives. This crepe sole brings flexibility, cushioning and comfort to our sandals.

Innovative and artisanal manufacturing.

A very polluting item in the manufacturing of traditional shoes is the excessive use of solvent glues for assembly. After months of research and development, we have developed an innovative assembly , inspired by the Norwegian stitching technique: a stitch runs through the upper, the welt, the insole, the layers of cork and crepe to provide solidity. optimal without using solvent glue .

We then add a second layer of crepe which protects this seam, as well as a crepe heel. It adheres to the first layer thanks to the heat which reveals the sticky properties of natural latex.

We have been working with sewing threads from Amann, our sole supplier for over 6 years. Amman is among the 50 leading companies in climate and environmental protection according to the United Nations. We do not use any plastic in our products and have chosen to remove unnecessary packaging. The sandals are delivered in a 100% unbleached natural cotton pouch with a jute lace, so it is recyclable. The Craie Studio logo is hot printed on it, without using ink.