Hand-woven baskets: the art of basketry in Morocco with unique ancestral know-how.

Paniers tressé à la main : l'art de la vannerie au Maroc au savoir-faire ancestral unique.

Passionate about craftsmanship, we like to highlight manual work where imperfection gives all its charm to the products.

Each season, we revisit the Moroccan basket with quality leathers, in a wide range of sizes and colors.

Our baskets are made in the Fez region from doum: a natural fiber from date palm trees that grow in Morocco

1 / Harvest: The process begins with the harvest of the doum, the artisans harvest the palm leaves when they are dry, in order to obtain the fibers necessary for weaving.

2 / Braiding: For braiding we use the stitched spiral technique, it is a method where the basket takes shape from its center. The doum is woven into strips, then mounted in the shape of a snail to create the volume of the basket. This one still ends up in a wavy shape at the top. This is a particularity of the weaving technique used and it is part of the unique aesthetic of these baskets. This little wave at the top is a mark of Moroccan craftsmanship and it is part of the identity and natural beauty of our products.

3 / Finish: Upon receipt of the baskets, we carry out a careful check in our Casablanca workshop. The baskets are carefully cleaned to cut off any small fibers that stick out. Then our leather work begins with adding handles, pockets and other embellishments to beautify the basket.

Weaving doum baskets is an artisanal process that requires know-how and patience. Each basket is unique and testifies to the talent and creativity of Moroccan artisans.