Fall 2023: Étincelles de mémoire

The direction of the compass tells him to continue south, but his heart to go north. Smell the intrepid scent of nature, go exploring... Chapter 2 of the fall-winter 2023 collection

The direction of the compass beckons him to continue south, but his heart urges him to explore the unknown territories of the north. This is how the second stage of our fall-winter 2023 collection is born.

In this chapter, we invite you to feel the shimmering bursts of metallic and gloss, which capture the light in a unique way, creating a shimmering and captivating ambiance. Each bag in this collection is designed to be your travel companion, ready to accompany you on all your urban and rural escapades.

Petite Etape bag in Officer leather

Croissany bag in Plomb metallic leather

Grigri in Digital Leather

Croissant in Plomb leather

Duo pouch in Digital leather

Docteur bag in Fiesta leather

Ruban tote bag in Fiesta leather

Mallow bag in Queen leather

Duo bag in Digital Leather

Campaign: Beyond the World