Fall 2023: Réveil en eau douce

Soft lights, early morning dew, greenery as far as the eye can see...she is there, lying in the midst of her memories.

Notion bag in Chocolate box leather

Imagine yourself lying in the middle of your memories, each piece in this collection being a page turned in your history. The first notes of autumn mingle with the fresh air of winter, creating an atmosphere that is both warm and mysterious. Each accessory tells its own story, weaving a web of emotions and sensations that envelop you like a soft cocoon.

This first chapter of our fall-winter 2023 collection is an invitation to explore the intimacy of your style, to wrap yourself in naturally comforting leathers and to lose yourself in colors inspired by precious moments. Welcome to a world where fashion becomes an extension of your memories, an expression of the present and an echo of your dreams to come.

Mini Nono bag in Chalk box leather

Strike bag in Pistol box leather

Edition bag in English box leather

Musique in Black box leather

Mini Doudoune in Bubble Land leather

Doudou zipped tote bag in Black bubble leather

Big Banana in Bubble Moss leather

Capucino mesh Cocoon bag

Mini Maths in leather Léo Land

Phoenix in Ink Purple velvet

Cognac leather nib

Campaign: Beyond the World