Summer 2024: Rainbow Retro

Open the door to “Rainbow Retro”, the second chapter of our summer 2024 collection, a colorful trip through our new, slightly retro and always fun products!

Open the door to Maison Flamingo and let yourself be dazzled by the summer colors of our “Rainbow Retro” collection. Shimmering rainbow hues gracefully combine with structured leather and climbing rope to define a new sunny and joyful aesthetic.

Here, we live fully, we burst out laughing, we enjoy with our fingers, and sometimes we even cheat at chess. Let yourself be tempted by our delicious new products: the Baguette bag, the Chouquette clutch, and the Sucette mini volume. A symphony of vibrant colors combines with the artisanal work of natural Doum or Raffia fibers to celebrate the arrival of sunny days.

Wrap yourself in the captivating charm of Rainbow Retro and let your style shine as brightly as the rays of the summer sun. After all, life is a daring adventure, so why not live it with style and panache?

Campaign: Beeyond the World

Rental: Flamingo House

Models: Bertille & Malak