Spring 2024: Wild Mogador

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of “Wild Mogador”, the first chapter of our spring 2024 collection, a captivating escapade in the heart of the burning desert.

Animal prints come to life, capturing the wildness of nature. Our iconic bags, dressed in bubble lambskin, embody a soft adventure full of character. The handles, inspired by the ingenuity of explorers, are modulated with climbing ropes, transforming our iconic models.

“Wild Mogador” is not just a collection, it is an invitation to celebrate freedom, and to let your style flourish. Join us on this adventure, where every bag tells a wild story and every detail whispers the call of adventure.

Welcome to “Wild Mogador” – where leather goods meet the adventurous soul.

Campaign: Beeyond the World

Location: Mogador

Models: Bertille & Malak